2015 will be a year of preparation

As we wrap up 2014 and look ahead to 2015, Kyu and I are both excited and overwhelmed by the journey we will undertake. 2015 will be a year of preparation for our future ministry – preparing professionally, spiritually, and financially toward our goal of becoming long-term missionaries to Colombia.

In terms of professional preparation, we will be making our first visit to Colombia at the end of March. It is important for us to experience a taste of life in Colombia so that we can prepare ourselves for the ministry roles we will play when we are able to begin our full-time ministry. We plan to stay with the Alonso family, who are Camino Global missionaries already established in ministry in Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva de Chia. We will have the opportunity to interact with the local church body, experience first hand some of the current ministries, and fill ourselves up with authentic Colombian food, like arepas (see link). Following this “survey” trip, I (Anna) plan to complete the final few courses for my Masters’ degree.

Starting in January, Kyu and I will begin to actively seek ministry partners. While this really falls into both the “spiritual” and “financial” preparation categories, we know that God is the one who will orchestrate those “coincidental” connections, and move the hearts of people to commit to praying for us, and to giving toward our ministry. We desire to serve God in Colombia, but also recognize that our ministry partners from home will form the foundation for future service. Our “ministry” and “service” have already begun, and we will continue to read, pray, and serve in preparation for our future ministry goals. We will be forced to step out of our comfort zone as we meet with new people, share our vision, and ultimately rely on God to fund our ministry in His time. We hope that you will be blessed and encouraged to join us as we go on this journey to serve our Lord.

Part of our financial preparation includes attending a workshop that will train and equip us to be able to humbly, yet boldly seek ministry partners. We are waiting on the company to publish future workshop dates, but hope to attend a workshop in April or May.

Would you please pray and consider providing us with a gift to meet these specific needs, and even more important, would you consider becoming a monthly partner with us for $25, $50, $75, or $100 a month?

To give, go to or mail check to Camino Dallas.

  • Mail to: Camino Dallas, 8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228
  • Checks should be written to Camino Dallas and must include the missionary ID#: 084815


  • We had a fee waived on a small personal loan after sharing our future ministry plans with the lender.
  • We will be able to travel to Colombia as a family of four. We are thankful the girls will be able to experience our first visit with us.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we will have a positive international travel experience with Lucia (2) and Noelia (1).
  • That we will be able to help Lucia and Noelia adjust and thrive during our busy schedule and foreign environment in Colombia.
  • That Kyu would continue to find favor in the eyes of his work supervisors.
  • That God would open doors for creating ministry partnerships, and that those partnerships would be mutually encouraged for us and for those who pray and give.

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About kimcamino

Kyu and Anna Kim joined Camino Global to serve as missionaries to Chia, Colombia. They are in the process of building partnerships and raising support in order to join the Camino Global Colombia team. Kyu will provide graphic design, web, and video support to the missionaries and local churches. Anna plans to develop an ESL (English as a Second Language) program as a ministry outreach tool.

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