It has been an amazing 5 years working at Abbott and today marks the last day of this chapter. It is with sadness that I will be leaving a job with such a talented group of people whom I can call family and trusted friends. Anna and I will now devote our full time and energy to the next stage of our journey to Colombia. This new journey will test and stretch us in ways that we never imaged. We expect to go and experience amazing new heights but will also go through the darkest valleys. No matter what we experience, we know God will give us the strength and grace to endure the challenges ahead. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. – Hebrews 10:23
     Starting in August, we will focus primarily on building  financial partnerships with organizations, churches, and individuals. Our goal is to be fully funded by the end of this year so that we can move in spring of 2016. Meeting the financial goals will enable Anna and I to devote our full attention to ministry without being pre-occupied by financial limitations while in Colombia. Once fully funded, we will participate in a mandatory cultural anthropology training (7 weeks) prior to moving to South America. We are currently at 30% of our monthly support commitment and 10% on our one time support needs.
     The last five years of work experience and training while at Abbott will not be wasted. I have really enjoyed the variety of projects and challenges in this job and have learned many skill that have better equipped me for the next chapter in life. My goal is to start a non-profit marketing/design agency that will provide consulting and design services to the local churches, pastors, and missionaries in the Bogota/Chia area in Colombia. Anna will use her educator training/profession to teach english as a second language to adults. Our plan is to live in Colombia indefinitely.
     I’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone at Abbott and partnering suppliers for all your support over the last five years and recently with the encouragements as Anna and I have been preparing to embark on this new adventure in our life. It has been a blast and I will miss you all. On the plus side, you now all have a new place to visit outside the USA.

Anna and I would love to stay in touch and keep you posted on our journey to Colombia. Please provide contact information via the Google form (link).

Please feel free to use and share this iPhone lock screen wallpaper. Nice way to remember to pray for us as we start our full time support raising in August. DOWNLOAD

iPhone Wallpaper

One thought on “And so…the new adventure begins

  1. So excited about this new chapter in your lives Paul! I still remember you as a 4 year old when I first arrived in Arequipa. How cool it’s been seeing God leading you back to Sth America. Would love to continue getting your newsletters and following your lives and ministries.


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