Winter Update

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God is good!

We challenged ourselves to film a series of live videos on Facebook during the last few days of 2016, and it was a wonderful time to think back over all the things God has taught us and provided for us throughout the year. God’s faithfulness has been proved to us over and over. We’ve experienced peace in the face of uncertainty. God has provided for our needs and even many “extra” gifts, too! We continue to learn to trust in Him and act in faith, moving forward with activities and plans that will get us closer to Colombia. We continually remind ourselves, “do not be anxious…but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things [that you worry about] will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:31a, 33)

*To see the videos, enter #TeamKimforColombia in the search bar on your Facebook homepage.

Blessings of the season

  • Anna participated as a vocalist and keyboardist in the 2nd annual Advent Worship Night at Faith Baptist in November
  • We sold one vehicle, but almost immediately were supplied with access to a second vehicle to borrow as needed.
  • As our personal savings ran out, a generous ministry partner has begun to give financial aid to cover our mortgage on our (still un-sold) house.
  • We have several new monthly ministry partners starting to give in January – praise God!


We are taking Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life & Ministry at the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) in Union Mills, NC from January 22 to February 17. All four of us will be attending classes to prepare ourselves for life and ministry in Colombia.

Status Update

Our house has been on the market for about 10 months now. We praise God for the resources He provides to pay our mortgage. We continue to pray for the house to sell.

It is already time to consider school placement for next year. We want to make a wise decision as we consider what grade and school would be the best fit for our girls.

Financial Status update

Additional Monthly Financial Partnership Needed:


  • 37 partners at $100/month or
  • 92 partners at $40/month

Additional One-time support need:


If you are interested in giving toward or purchasing a specific item for future ministry use, please contact us about the purchase of computers, other technology equipment, a keyboard/synthesizer, or even a vehicle.

How to become a financial partner

  • Visit
  • Click on the “give” link
  • Follow instructions on the giving page
  • Please feel free to contact Camino Global ( or us if you have any questions.

Prayer Requests

  • Spiritual growth as a family, especially for Noelia’s salvation
  • Faithful service during this pre-field season
  • Learning and growth during our course at the Center for Intercultural Training, as well as traveling safety and health (1/20-2/19)
  • The sale of our (empty) house in Mount Vernon, Ohio
  • God’s provision for our personal living expenses while we build partnerships
  • God’s preparation of schedules for making ministry presentations, and of budgets for new financial partnerships


  • Fully focus on our course content and classwork while at CIT (1/20-2/19), so that we can gain as much as possible from it.
  • Continue to build ministry partnerships to join Team Kim with financial support, prayer support, and resources.
  • Reach 100% fully funded so that we can move to Colombia sometime in 2017!

In His service for Colombia,

Team Kim: Kyu, Anna, Lucia & Noelia

About kimcamino

Kyu and Anna Kim joined Camino Global to serve as missionaries to Chia, Colombia. They are in the process of building partnerships and raising support in order to join the Camino Global Colombia team. Kyu will provide graphic design, web, and video support to the missionaries and local churches. Anna plans to develop an ESL (English as a Second Language) program as a ministry outreach tool.

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