2017 Year-End Mission Update


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During this Christmas season, we had the JOY of spending time as a family to celebrate the birth of our Savior. The theme “peace” stood out to us over and over again this year, and we are thankful for Jesus, who is both the Provider and Prince of Peace! (John 14:27, Isaiah 9:6)

It is our desire to express gratitude to each one of you who have prayed for us, given faithfully and generously to our ministry funds, listened to our stories of God’s faithfulness, advocated for our ministry, and spoken encouragement into our lives. We greatly appreciate you, and thank God for your participation with Team Kim for Colombia!

Snapshot Update

  • The question everyone asks: “How close are you?” Our monthly need is 65% funded, and we are praying and believing God will bless our partnership building early in 2018.**
  • We anticipate attending a team-building meeting for missionaries headed to Colombia at Camino Global headquarters in Dallas sometime in February.**
  • Praise God, Noelia has accepted Christ as her Savior! We have prayed and continue to pray that Lucia and Noelia will be willing participants in missions with us.
  • We are actively praying for the blessing of our current ministry partners, and for an increase in the number of church partners, as well as individuals.
  • Lucia’s teacher shared about Team Kim for Colombia during the elementary school chapel in December. Since then, several students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade have approached us to say they are praying for us. Some have even given us money from their own piggy banks! What an encouragement to see the next generation be eager to participate in missions! May God fan the flame placed in their hearts, hear their prayers, and multiply their generous offering to build His kingdom!**
  • We are amazed by the peace God has given us as we wait on His perfect timing to fully fund us and then move to Colombia. We continue to learn how to trade our “heavy laden” lives for His easy yoke and rest. (Matthew 11:28-30)


  • For God’s encouragement through His word, the Holy Spirit, and the people of His Church
  • For God’s financial and material provision for our family during our pre-field season

Prayer Requests

  • For God to move hearts to respond to the invitation to participate financially in missions as monthly partners with Team Kim for Colombia
  • For our spiritual, emotional, and physical preparations for our future transition to Colombia
  • For safe travels and productive team-building for the February Camino-Colombia meeting in Dallas

About kimcamino

Kyu and Anna Kim joined Camino Global to serve as missionaries to Chia, Colombia. They are in the process of building partnerships and raising support in order to join the Camino Global Colombia team. Kyu will provide graphic design, web, and video support to the missionaries and local churches. Anna plans to develop an ESL (English as a Second Language) program as a ministry outreach tool.

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