Ups and Downs

Back in early December, we had an exciting opportunity to take a one-day retreat together with the ministry team from our local church. What a thrill to witness God working in His church, bringing growth during a truly difficult season! Despite the pandemic and extremely limited opportunities to be physically together as a church, new people have found hope in the message of the gospel through video sermons, small group Bible studies, and counseling. On our retreat that day, we discussed plans for strategic discipleship and ideas for potential community outreach events. Only six weeks later, it became clear ministry in 2021 would be quite different from what we’d imagined.
“Kyu, I feel like Job,” our pastor lamented…

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“I’ve been wanting to see this for two years!”

After several months of praying and planting ideas, I (Anna) had the opportunity recently to co-facilitate a women’s training and discipleship group with our pastor’s wife. During one of our weekly Zoom meetings, the pastor appeared on screen, exclaiming his excitement and gleefully giving thumbs up as women shared their testimonies. They are acting in […]

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