Has God grown tired?

You may be aware that 6 days ago, Anna and I started a 10 day prayer challenge and invited people to join us in prayer as the disciples did in Acts 1:14. (10 Day Prayer Challenge) I’m continuously amazed by how God shows His faithfulness through encouragement, direction, and provisions. I’d like to share with you throughout the next few days/weeks some verses that have brought me encouragement and direction. I hope you find it encouraging, especially if you are participating in this 10 day prayer challenge with Anna and I.

Numbers 11:23 And the Lord said to Moses, Is the Lord’s hand shortened? Now you shall see whether my word will come true for you or not. 

Context – Just a few verses before, the Israelites were complaining about not having meat to eat. Then we have a conversation between God and Moses which frankly could be a sermon or blog post all in itself… But in that conversation, God tells Moses that He would provide not only 1 day, or 2 days, or 5 days, or 10 days, or 20 days, but for a whole month (Numbers 11:19-20)! Which then Moses, in human logic responds to God with a, “how?” (Numbers 11:21-22)

How does this apply to our prayer challenge? I love God’s response. He basically tells Moses, “Have I gotten tired or weaker since I displayed power in Egypt and in the wilderness?” God reminds Moses of His faithfulness and provisions in the past. I have two personal take aways from this passage.

  1. Many times, I am like Moses trying to solve an impossible problem with my limited human intelligence. God tells Moses that He will provide meat. Last I checked, there aren’t COSTCOs or SAM’s Clubs in the wilderness. Even if there were, they wouldn’t have enough inventory to feed over a million people even for one meal. Moses was blinded by the impossibility of the challenge he was facing. Keep in mind, even though the Israelites had seen God’s power in Egypt and in the wilderness, they had grown accustomed to the daily presence of God (tabernacle) and His daily provisions through mana. Don’t we? Even though we have fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit and have the daily provisions we need, we still look at our present and future problems as impossible challenges.
  2. Here is what I love about God’s response to Moses. He reminds him of past miracles and that God does not get tired or weary like humans. I find it comforting to remember God’s faithfulness in my life, including my childhood experiences, college expenses, past jobs, and recently our 2 years of partnership building. When I reflect and remember what He has done in the past, I can confidently look forward to God’s faithfulness at present and future challenges.

As you pray with us, take some time to remember events in your past of God’s faithfulness in answering prayers. It could be salvation experience, healing, provisions, and solutions to physical or spiritual circumstances. While some answered prayers may seem mundane, I would challenge you to think deep and see how God made the impossible, possible. My prayer and hope is that this exercise will lead to worship and praise. Furthermore, it will give you the confidence to pray with boldness knowing that He is a God who listens and helps.

Isaiah 41:13 For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

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Kyu and Anna Kim are missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. Their ministry passion is to walk along with the Colombian church as they develop the growth and expansion of Gospel centered communities.

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