50 years to mature

Today’s event at our local church may may have gone unnoticed by the world. We won’t be in tomorrows headlines nor are we going to be trending anytime soon. It’s unlikely we will see this event bear fruit for some time but we are excited and humbled to have witnessed a seed being planted. Much like an oak tree, it may take 50 years for it mature. By now, you are probably wondering what happened today. It’s a cool story of our Colombian coworkers taking the initiative to obey the great commission.

About two months ago, Anna and I were invited to connect with our local church’s mission committee. We were asked if we could help them better understand the role of a missions committee and how the church can be involved and invest in their Colombian missionaries. It was their desire to emphasize missions in the month of September. As part of that initiative, the missions committee wanted to see if there might be an opportunity to do some kind of training on missions. As we brain stormed, the scope and the vision quickly evolved from a local event to something much bigger.

Today, our church sponsored and hosted its first missions committee training event. For us as a church and also as missionaries, it felt like something new was taking place. I don’t have data to prove whether this was a first of a kind event. I know there have been missions conferences in Medellin but I don’t know for certain if there have been training events specifically geared towards missions committees and church leaders who manage the missions programs at their churches. The objective was simple: explain the roles of a missions committee and to encourage those who came.

Including me, there were five speakers today who shared with 24 people. We had our own church committee and others representing their churches. We had the privilege of going over various topics: prayer support, financial support, re-entry, communication, emotional and spiritual support, and many more. People left encouraged and we received a lot of positive feedback. It’s that feedback that we are excited about.

Those who attended expressed their desire to have more training opportunities available throughout the year and to continue communicating so that the churches in Medellin could some day strategically invest in missions as a network of churches. Just maybe, today we witnessed the formation of a vision/idea for what might become a Colombian mission agency that will equip, send, and take care of Colombian missionaries so that they can go to their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and uttermost parts of the world.


Kyu and Anna Kim are missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. Their ministry passion is to walk along with the Colombian church as they develop the growth and expansion of Gospel centered communities.

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