“So, what do you do here?”

Medellín has a lot of tourists. A lot of ex-pats (foreigners living abroad). Frankly, a lot of gringos. (PS-this label has zero negative connotation. It is simply a way to identify people.) That said, here is an example of a common interaction for our family:

Local: Where are you from?
Kims: The U.S.
L: Wow, your Spanish is really good.
K: Thank you!
L: So, are you on vacation, then?
K: No, we live here in Envigado.
L: Really? What do you do here?

And that question, right there, throws the door WIDE open.

In a Catholic country, saying “we are missionaries” brings to mind a certain image of a small group of Catholic parishioners taking a short-term trip to do good works among the poor or oppressed.

So in many cases, we avoid saying we are missionaries, or at least give additional explanation. So, how do we respond?

Here in Colombia, most people know some of the stories in the Bible, but there are many who have never read it themselves. And of course, it can be difficult to read. So we help people learn how to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Have you ever read the Bible yourself?

With this question, some people shy away, others mention their personal religious experiences, but many seem to have a lightbulb moment, realizing they could read the Bible and know God! While not explaining the whole gospel, this response is one way we are taking the opportunity we have to plant seeds—the idea that we can read the Bible ourselves, the idea that we can know God, the idea that it may be a struggle to read but oh-so-worth the effort.

We have challenged many people to consider reading the Bible for the first time, and we know of at least one who actually is, praise God!

Written by Anna Kim


Kyu and Anna Kim are missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. Their ministry passion is to walk along with the Colombian church as they develop the growth and expansion of Gospel centered communities.

3 thoughts on ““So, what do you do here?”

  1. We are praying for you and your family as you serve the Lord. Praying for great joy every day as you keep your eyes on Him and continue to do His work no matter how hard. Praying for the hearts you speak with to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Savior. My daughter and I had talked with you when you were at our church before you left about missions and the Lord opened up the door for us to serve in Tanzania Africa this summer. This very morning we were able to share the joy that it was and all that the Lord did from beginning to end. It is a joy to serve wherever He calls whether it is at home in Johnstown or across the world. Thank you for your faithful service.


    1. Good morning Kim family! I have been praying for you all as you serve the Lord in Columbia. I love to read your prayer letters and see all that God is doing there and how we can support you in prayer. I am on our Mission board at Johnstown Independent Baptist Church and I am the head of short term missions. Rick Presley said that you might be interested i n having a group come to serve alongside of you. I am presenting some different opportunities to our church family on December 8 so am gathering information to what a group might do if they were to come to Columbia to serve. We will present several opportunities and will have people sign up if they may be interested. We are still praying for direction so not sure when we would be able to come but wanted to get some information out and see who is feeling called to serve.

      Love and Prayers,
      Cheryl Terry


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