“each day I want to serve more in our church”

Listen to our 2022Q3 Ministry Update: “each day I want to serve more in our church”

(Author: Anna Kim) (Read by: Anna Kim)

“Let’s Have a Meeting!”

Reading that title, how does it make you feel? Did you just groan a little? Most meetings aren’t meant for fun. They have purpose. In the church’s latest meeting for members, we witnessed many authentic smiles and a true sense of collaboration. In fact, one of the church members said, “With the pastoral care and leadership of the Ministry Team, I see brotherhood and commitment in our meeting. I feel so happy, and each day I want to serve more in our church.” Praise the Lord! We are seeing both individual and corporate growth in maturity in the Redil de Envigado congregation. Another member commented that she desires to be trained and grow in service. What a blessing to serve these people as part of the Ministry Team (Kyu), Worship Team (Anna), and Women’s Ministry Team (Anna).

Church business meeting, Pastor Jonathan giving a ministry overview update
the worship team planning for the last quarter of 2022

Ministry Updates: Recent, In Progress, and Upcoming

From mid-October to the end of the month, Team Kim will be traveling to Kansas City to participate in some trainings at the Avant International Service Center. Both Kyu and Anna will spend a week in the Leadership Development Program Training. We’ve already completed some assignments prior to our travel, then will create a follow-up plan with accountability to continue developing our skills and abilities as cross-cultural servants of Christ. Anna will spend a few days at a Women’s Development event to be trained in mentoring across generations. While we are in class, the girls will have a chance to spend time with BOTH sets of grandparents, which is a huge treat and blessing for all of us!

Kyu was invited to speak as part of a missions conference in a different part of town. He shared how Jesus’ compassion toward the lost motivated His prayers and service. As Christ-followers, we can also ask God to cultivate compassion in our hearts to participate in mission work through prayer, and even giving and serving.

The church praying for guest missionary speakers and for their family

Anna has begun to practice with a worship team of musicians and singers from several churches in the Redil network in preparation for the annual Women’s Conference set for November. There are 12 songs to learn, and it is wonderful to serve alongside believers from across the valley.

Several men in the church have shared their desire for men’s fellowship recently. It seems the Lord is moving this ministry opportunity toward Kyu!

It has been a joy to see the men to my left grow in their walk with Christ over the past few years.

We have recently begun to meet monthly with a young lady who is interested in serving in full-time cross-cultural missions. Avant has a Spanish-speaking branch office in Guatemala, and we are happy to coach her through the steps to take in seeking God’s will for her as a potential future missionary.

Family Life: 4 Team Kim Fun Facts

  1. Kyu likes to deep dive into history. His current favorite topic is the recreation of recipes from various historical time periods!
  2. Anna is a sticker collector. Her current favorites are 3D pop-up stickers she found at a Japanese import store!
  3. Lucia’s favorite condiment is mustard. She especially enjoys Grey Poupon…so fancy!
  4. Noelia paints or creates art nearly every day. Interestingly, she finds painting from a crouched position the most comfortable!

Prayer Requests

For our personal/family growth in knowing and serving the Lord

For health and safety while traveling and in Kansas City

For favor and our thorough understanding of the legal visa application process
(We were told we must re-apply for visas in November. New visa laws go into effect soon and timing is a bit tricky due to the need for Lucia’s passport renewal.)

For wisdom, creativity, and perseverance in ministry

For healthy relationships within our family

For various ministries – Raíces profundasCaminando con Cristo, mentoring and discipling relationships

Evangelism opportunities: Ana, Brady*

Thank you

You are part of #TeamKimforColombia! We so appreciate your messages, your giving, your prayers, and your kindness toward us. Each Monday we pray as a family for our ministry partners, and count it a huge blessing to be the “hands and feet” in God’s work in Envigado, Colombia. May the Lord bless you for your participation with us!

  • Email: kkim@avmi.org
  • Facebook @ Team Kim: Camino to Colombia
  • WhatsApp @ +57 310-334-7344
  • US Cellphone @ 614-388-9555

Kyu and Anna Kim are missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. Their ministry passion is to walk along with the Colombian church as they develop the growth and expansion of Gospel centered communities.

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