Return from HMA

Listen to our 2022Q1Q2 Ministry Update: Return from HMA

(Author: Anna Kim) (Read by: Anna Kim)

Kids Who Serve

“Ugh, Mom. I’m sooooo tired!”
Noelia returned from children’s church a bit limp, but with a twinkle in her eye. She shared with me (Anna) that there was a new little girl in church that morning. The girl was visiting her grandma in Colombia, coming from the US. Noelia was able to interpret for her, translating the Sunday Bible lesson from Spanish to English. Noelia really was exhausted by all that mental work, but what a joy to see one of our girls jump in to serve where needed! #TeamKimforColombia ❤

Team Kim on HMA (plus Anna’s newsletter art debut)

This conversation took place between a Colombian friend and Kyu. Anna overheard it and laughed. But…it turns out that Kyu was right. Our goal for HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) was to visit churches and meet up with as many of our ministry partners as possible. We visited six churches, where we shared stories of God’s work in Colombia with small groups and whole congregations. Kyu preached a few times, and Anna and the girls sang Psalm 8 at one church. There were other opportunities where we enjoyed serving, through giving a devotional, sharing a short testimony, or simply listening.


With winter weather, illness, and injuries popping up through our time in the US, we unfortunately had to change or cancel plans and events designed to reconnect us with even more of you in person. We are truly sorry we weren’t able to see many of you face-to-face, but trust that the Lord directed our steps throughout our time stateside. We accomplished what He allowed us to accomplish, and we are grateful for His presence in every place—from Colombia to Columbus, Ohio to Washington, District of Columbia. Thank you. To our ministry partners—partners in giving, prayer, and resource support—we want to say thank you for your participation in God’s kingdom with Team Kim. And personally, thank you for providing places to stay, meals to eat, money to cover travel expenses, and encouraging words in conversation.

Return to Medellin/Ministry Updates

What a joy to return to our home and community in Medellín! Since we are now beginning our 2nd term in Colombia, we were blessed to experience joyful reunions with friends and co-laborers. It was a privilege to share how God is working in Colombia while we were stateside, and equally thrilling to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith here in Medellín with stories of God’s work in the US.

Raíces Profundas (Deep Roots)

The ministry team for Raíces Profundas (Deep Roots) has resumed meeting and is entering a new phase. With our focus on generational discipleship, we will be engaging in qualitative data collection to find out the specific needs of Christian families in the greater Medellín area. Many Christians are first-generation believers and have expressed their desire to be equipped for raising their children to know and love the Lord. It has been very exciting to see this team grow toward purpose, while simultaneously building essential Christian community that fosters accountability and growth.

We have also jumped back in to ministries at our local church, El Redil de Envigado. Kyu has preached a few times to give the pastor a respite and Anna supports the worship team with piano and singing. We continue to work with church leadership teams to plan, organize, communicate, and carry out the ministries of the church.

Family Life

Mountain View Academy (our own little homeschool) had lots of adventures during travel in the US, and successfully wrapped up 3rd and 1st grades in early June. One highlight was a visit to the National Gallery in D.C. We got to see artwork we’ve studied over the past 2 years, including works by Seurat, van Gogh, Rubens, and da Vinci. We also took advantage of the wonderful libraries in Mount Vernon and Westerville – it was a real treat to have access to literally thousands of books in English, plus fun (free!) programs for Lucia, Noelia, and Anna.

Prayer Requests

  • For wisdom, creativity, and perseverance in ministry
    • Kingdom work is important and serious, but we want to be able to do the work wholeheartedly with joy and fun
  • For healthy relationships within our family
    • As parents, we would be able to help the girls grow in their walk with Christ
    • For the girls, that they would grow in their identity and confidence in Christ as Kingdom citizens
  • Raíces Profundas
    • Growth for the team not just as co-workers in ministry but as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35
    • For wisdom, understanding, insight, and foresight as we carry out the qualitative research project
  • Caminando con Cristo (local church small group ministry)
    • Mentoring and discipling relationships in our local small group
    • Developing consistent and healthy community habits for our small groups
  • Evangelism opportunities: Ana, Carlos, Brady*

Thank You

We praise God for our financial partners, prayers partners, and loved ones! God has richly blessed us through your consistent giving and prayers. We pray God will sustain and bless you for participating in ministry with Team Kim in Colombia. If you have specific prayer requests, please reach out to us by email or through social media.

  • Email:
  • Facebook @ Team Kim: Camino to Colombia
  • WhatsApp @ +57 310-334-7344
  • US Cellphone @ 614-388-9555

Kyu and Anna Kim are missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. Their ministry passion is to walk along with the Colombian church as they develop the growth and expansion of Gospel centered communities.

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